Your privacy is respected by Merit Planning (North Brisbane) Pty Limited [Merit Planning Nth Brisbane] and Merit Wealth Pty Limited [Merit Wealth] .



Privacy laws protect any information we collect from you.

Merit Planning collects information on our customers and from members of the public who request information from us.

We utilise this information to provide you with information to assist you and your business, to communicate with our customers, and to plan new product initiatives. All information is held and managed by Merit Planning Nth Brisbane and Merit Wealth.

While our customer information is not passed to third parties, on occasion we allow our business partners to contact our customers through us. Any information from our business partners will only ever be related to joint initiatives with Merit Planning Nth Brisbane or Merit Wealth and are designed to add value to you.

Where necessary, we supply our customer information to mailing houses and other data bureaus to facilitate our marketing campaigns.

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